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Belgian-Style Witbier | 4.9% | 15 IBU

Optimal® Wit is a Belgian-style witbier brewed with 100% Virginia grown wheat and the perfect balance of spices. Soft notes of sweet citrus and spice in the aroma, and a touch of fruity tartness in the taste. Silky-smooth in the mouthfeel, Optimal® Wit finishes crisp and refreshing. GABF 2013 Gold - GABF 2015 Bronze - GABF 2018 Silver - GABF 2021 Gold, 2023 WBC Bronze


Dry-Hopped Pale Ale | 5.3% | 35 IBU

Staying true to the American pale ale, Essential Pale Ale® has a deep golden color with bright hop aromas and flavors of citrus and stone fruits, while balancing a subtle malt sweetness and a clean, crisp finish.

5oz. Taster: $3 10oz. Snifter: $4.5  20oz. Nonic: $6.50

5oz. Taster: $3     10oz. Snifter: $4.5    16oz. Tulip: $6


American Golden Ale | 4.0% | 21 IBU

Beach Drive® is an American Golden Ale brewed with a blend of Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malt for a subtle sweetness, finishing toasty and dry. This single hop ale is brewed with Adeena hops known for its spicy and floral characteristics – much like the Noble hops of Germany and the Czech Republic. Like a weekend outing on Beach Drive, this golden ale is easy going and refreshing!

5oz. Taster: $3 10oz. Snifter: $4.5  20oz. Nonic: $6.50


Czech-style Pilsner | 4.8% | 43 IBU

Downright® Pilsner is a deep golden color and medium bodied, with a soft round malt profile and crisp and spicy hop character on the finish. This lager is brewed in the traditional Pilsner style, using authentic Pilsner malt and noble Saaz hops.The beer carbonates completely naturally as it lagers in our fermentation tanks for six weeks. 2022 WBC Silver

5oz. Taster: $3 10oz. Snifter: $4.50     Half-Liter Stein:$7


Amber Lager | 4.8% | 20 IBU

Pizza Night is your perfect, go-to pizza night beer. This amber lager is a czech-style Polotmavé or half-dark lager, that is unfiltered and lagered for over three months, giving the beer time to naturally clear. Amber in color, Pizza Night has a medium body with a crisp and toasty malt backbone that is balanced by notes of citrus and spicy tones implemented by the use of Czech hops. Everyone's favorite night is Pizza Night, and it just got a whole lot better!

HAZY ipa

New England IPA | 6.8% | 5 IBU

Brewed to highlight hop aroma and flavor, Hazy ipa has intense notes of tropical fruit and bright citrus on the nose. Super juicy flavors of mango, peach, and tangerine accompany a crisp malt character. This hazy IPA is soft on the bitterness, finishing clean and smooth all the way around.

5oz. Taster: $4 10oz. Snifter: $5.5   20oz. Nonic: $7.50


Robust Porter | 7.2% | 45 IBU

Smooth and silky, Porter pours a dark mahogany color with a firm cap of tan foam. It has bittersweet chocolate and coffee notes and a depth that bigger beers aspire to.

2018 WBC Silver - 2016 GABF Silver

5oz. Taster: $4     10oz. Snifter: $5.5    16oz. Tulip: $7

5oz. Taster: $3 10oz. Snifter: $4.50     Half-Liter Stein:$7


IPA | 6.7% | 57 IBU

Monumental® IPA pours bright copper with a floral aroma, flavors of citrus and pine, and hints of toasty malt notes. This IPA shows a balance between hop bitterness and clean malt flavors.

GABF 2012 Bronze - GABF 2015 Silver

5oz. Taster: $4 10oz. Snifter: $5.5 20oz. Nonic: $7.50




German-style Blonde Lager | 5.2% | 20 IBU

Helles is a German-style lager balancing rich flavors with a smooth drinkability. Brilliant golden in color with notes of soft malt sweetness and delicate hop bitterness, this beer finishes toasty and refreshing

5oz. Taster: $3   10oz Snifter: $4.50  Half-Liter Stein: $7


Märzen | 5.2% | 24 IBU

Port City Oktoberfest is a Märzen-style lager, brewed with German malts and hops, and served in the “Keller” or “Zwickel” style - meaning unfiltered and naturally carbonated. This bright amber beer has subtle flavors of toasted bread, leading to a clean, dry finish punctuated by just a touch of Noble hops



Dry-Hopped Pale Ale | 5.5% | 30 IBU

Rivershed® Ale is our tribute to the Chesapeake Bay and the rivers that flow into it. This dry-hopped pale ale is brewed with 100% Virginia grown wheat, providing the perfect setting for a bright hop flavor.

5oz. Taster: $4  10oz. Snifter: $5.5 16oz. Tulip : $7.00


American IPA | 7% | 60 IBU

Integral® IPA is all about fresh American hops. A refined, dry body serves as the golden-hued canvas for layers of hop character – think tropical fruit, citrus and pine wood. Thank Port City’s HopZooka® for the bold hop characteristics and firm bitter finish.

5oz. Taster: $4  10oz. Snifter: $5.5 20oz.Nonic: $7.50

5oz. Taster: $3   10oz Snifter: $4.50  Half-Liter Stein: $7




German Style Pilsner | 4.6% | 35IBU

Brewed with pilsner malt and Noble hops, German Pilsner has a floral and spicy aroma with flavors of lightly sweet malt, finishing firm and dry on the palate. This refreshing pilsner is served in the “Keller” style, meaning unfiltered and naturally carbonated.

2019 GABF Gold

5oz. Taster: $3  10oz. Snifter: $4.5 Half-Liter: $7.00


Mexican Dark Lager | 5.0% | 24 IBU

Port City’s Mexican Dark Lager draws inspiration from the dark lagers of Mexico known as Oscura lagers. This lager pours chestnut in color with a bright white foamy head, and has notes of toasted caramel and nut in the aroma. This medium bodied beer has slightly sweet and toasty flavors, finishing crisp and delightfully drinkable

5oz. Taster: $3 10oz. Snifter: $4.50     Half-Liter Stein:$7



Imperial Stout | 9.5% | 45 IBU

Diverging from most imperial stouts due to the use of Belgian yeast, Colossal® One pours inky black with dark beige foam. The aroma is complex and balanced with notes of bittersweet chocolate, roasted coffee, and clove. 2013 GABF Bronze

5oz. Taster: $4    10oz. Snifter: $7  


Imperial Smoked Porter | 9.0% | 35 IBU

Originally brewed as our second anniversary beer in 2013, Colossal TWO, a smoky fan-favorite returns to celebrate our 12th anniversary. Colossal TWO is brewed upon the base of our flagship Porter, with the addition of smoked malt and a bit more strength. Pouring a dark brown appearance with tan foam atop, the smoked aroma and flavor of this potent imperial porter is intended to transport you directly around a campfire with good company.  2013 GABF Bronze, 2023 WBC Bronze

5oz. Taster: $4    10oz. Snifter: $7  


American Lager | 4.8% | 24 IBU


Germany-style Wheat Ale | 5.3 | 12 IBU

This American Lager is bright blonde in color with bread like flavors from the malts, and citrus and pine notes from the hops. This lager has a medium body and finishes with a clean hop bitterness.

5oz. Taster: $3   10oz Snifter: $4.50  20oz Nonic: $6.50


German-style Black Lager | 5.4% | 24 IBU

Port City’s Hefeweizen is a Bavarian-style Wheat Ale pouring hazy golden with fluffy white foam. This beer has aromas of clove and spice with a softer note of ripe banana. The flavor is no less complex with tart and citrusy notes, balanced by subtle flavors of clove, spice, and ripe banana. The finish is satisfying and refreshing, prost!

Port City’s Schwarzbier is a German-style black lager pouring deep brown in color. Notes of coffee and toasted malt are in the aroma with a hint of hops. This smooth lager has a soft bittersweet dark chocolate flavor, finishing

5oz. Taster: $3   10oz Snifter: $4.50  20oz Half-Liter: $7




Hoppy Sparkler | 0.0%

HOPWELL is a non-alcoholic, hop-infused sparkling water. This hoppy sparkler is bright and fizzy, crisp and refreshing. It has a tropical hop aroma and a refreshing pop of floral hop flavor. It has a palate cleansing finish that is thirst quenching and invites the drinker in for another sip. Zero alcohol and zero calories. SOOOO refreshing!

12oz. Can: $3

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