5oz. Taster: $3     10oz. Snifter: $4.5    16oz. Tulip: $6


American Golden Ale | 4.0% | 21 IBU

Beach Drive® is an American Golden Ale brewed with a blend of Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malt for a subtle sweetness, finishing toasty and dry. This single hop ale is brewed with Adeena hops known for its spicy and floral characteristics – much like the Noble hops of Germany and the Czech Republic. Like a weekend outing on Beach Drive, this golden ale is easy going and refreshing!

5oz. Taster: $3     10oz. Snifter: $4.5    16oz. Pint: $6


Bohemian-Style Pilsner | 4.8% | 43 IBU

Downright® Pilsner is a brilliant golden colored lager, medium bodied with a soft, round malt profile and crisp, floral hop character. It’s what your brewer drinks!

5oz. Taster: $3     10oz. Snifter: $4.5    Half-Liter Stein: $7


American IPA | 7.0% | 60 IBU

Integral® IPA is all about fresh American hops. A refined, dry body serves as the golden-hued canvas for layers of hop character – think tropical fruit, citrus and pine wood. Thank Port City’s HopZooka® for the bold hop characteristics and firm bitter finish.

5oz. Taster: $4    10oz. Snifter: $5.5    16oz. Pint: $7


Robust Porter | 7.2% | 45 IBU

Smooth and silky, Porter pours a dark mahogany color with a firm cap of tan foam. It has bittersweet chocolate and coffee notes and a depth that bigger beers aspire to.

2018 WBC Silver - 2016 GABF Silver

5oz. Taster: $3     10oz. Snifter: $4.5    16oz. Tulip: $6

5oz. Taster: $3     10oz. Snifter: $4.5    16oz. Pint: $6


Belgian-Style Witbier | 4.9% | 15 IBU

Optimal® Wit is a Belgian-style witbier brewed with 100% Virginia grown wheat and the perfect balance of spices. Soft notes of sweet citrus and spice in the aroma, and a touch of fruity tartness in the taste. Silky-smooth in the mouthfeel, Optimal® Wit finishes crisp and refreshing. GABF 2013 Gold - GABF 2015 Bronze - GABF 2018 Silver - GABF 2021 Gold


IPA | 6.7% | 57 IBU

Monumental® IPA pours bright copper with a floral aroma, flavors of citrus and pine, and hints of toasty malt notes. This IPA shows a balance between hop bitterness and clean malt flavors.

GABF 2012 Bronze - GABF 2015 Silver

5oz. Taster: $3     10oz. Snifter: $4.5    16oz. Pint: $6

Dry-Hopped Pale Ale | 5.3% | 35 IBU

Staying true to the American pale ale, Essential Pale Ale® has a deep golden color with bright hop aromas and flavors of citrus and stone fruits, while balancing a subtle malt sweetness and a clean, crisp finish.




Czech-style Dark Lager | 4.3% | 28 IBU

Port City's example of a Tmavé Pivo is brewed with all Czech malt and hops, lagered for six weeks, and served unfiltered.This dark lager finds the perfect balance between malt roastiness, spicy aromatic hoppiness, and a slight caramel sweetness.

Lager Series

5oz. Taster: $3    10oz. Snifter: $4.5   Half-Liter Stein: $7


European-style Export Lager | 5.8% | 25 IBU

Golden Export Lager has notes of lightly toasted malt and floral hops in the aroma. Medium in body and served unfiltered, this lager balances a slightly sweet malt flavor with a soft hop bitterness, finishing clean and dry.

Lager Series

5oz. Taster: $3    10oz. Snifter: $4.5   Half-Liter Stein: $7


German-Style Smoked Lager | 5.5% | 30 IBU

Rauch Märzen is a traditional Bamberg-style smoked Märzen lager brewed with all Bavarian malt and hops. Brilliant copper in color, this beer showcases toasty German malt character, including traditional beechwood-smoked malts that impart an appetizing, savory smokiness.

Lager Series

5oz. Taster: $3    10oz. Snifter: $4.5   Half-Liter Stein: $7


American Brown Ale | 5.8% | 44 IBU

Taking inspiration from a classic style with a contemporary twist, Hoppy Brown is an American-style Brown Ale. Rich with flavors of roasted malt and caramel, and bright hop notes of tropical fruit.

Occasional Series

5oz. Taster: $4    10oz. Snifter: $10  16oz. pint: $7


Double IPA | 8.9% | 85 IBU

Deep golden with subtle orange hues, Maniacal® Double IPA perfectly balances hop bitterness, tropical and citrus aromatics, and malt structure. This deceptive Double IPA satisfies the strongest hop cravings, while remaining balanced enough for the DIPA skeptic. Averaging 5 pounds of hops per barrel, Maniacal® is dry-hopped with Cashmere, Citra, & El Dorado through our patented HopZooka®.

Specialty Series

5oz. Taster: $4    10oz. Snifter: $8


Red IPA | 6.5 % | 60 IBU

Metro Red® is an American Red IPA with notes of sweet citrus and pine in the aroma. This medium bodied brew has flavors of dark caramel and citrus, finishing with a smooth West Coast hoppy bitterness.

Limited Release Series

5oz. Taster: $4     10oz. Snifter: $5.5     16oz. Pint: $7


Weizenbock | 8.0% | 15 IBU

Mahogany in color, this malt forward beer boasts a bouquet of ripe banana, clove, and dark fruit capped off with a billowing beige head. The flavor is rich, with a bit of dark fruit, and the finish is creamy and satisfying.

Specialty Series

5oz. Taster: $4    10oz. Snifter: $7  


Weizenbock | 9.8% | 15 IBU

This barrel aged variant of Colossal IX, a German-style Weizenbock, is aged in Jamaican rum barrels for one year. Pouring chestnut in color with an expected haze, and notes of sugar plum and brandied cherries in the nose. Full in body with an up front flavor of spiced rum punch, giving way to notes of dark fruit, toasted sugar, and a hint of caramel. 

Limited Release Series

5oz. Taster: $4    12oz. Snifter: $10