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Double India Pale Ale


Bold but elegant tropical beauty

ABV: 8.5%

ma·ni·a·cal (adj) \mə-ˈnī-ə-kəl\ characterized by excessive enthusiasm or excitement

Hazy, deep orange with bold hop character and aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and pine, Maniacal Double IPA was formulated to be a super hoppy beer without overly aggressive, astringent bitterness. We “pre-hop” this beer by throwing hops in the brew kettle well before it boils, which firms up the bitterness. We continue adding hops throughout the process for layers of hop flavor, finishing with a massive dry hop addition injected through our patented HOPZOOKA®. In the end, despite using a massive 2.75 pounds of hops per barrel, Maniacal remains a tropical beauty.

Original Gravity:
18.8 plato

Final Gravity:
2.9 plato