Black IPA

Heavy on the hops with citrus and floral aromas

ABV: 6.8%

Long Black Veil is a Black IPA thats name reflects a dark part of local history as well being a dark beer with a lot of character. The beer is jet black in color with a crema-like head. The Citra, Centennial and Magnum hops contribute citrus and floral aromas and aggressive hop flavors. We use generous amounts of dark malt for balance alongside the hop character, which create a complex texture and flavors with a satisfying finish.

Long Black Veil was originally introduced in October 2014 to coincide with the anniversary of the death of its namesake. The name of the beer was inspired by Alexandria’s famous mystery of the veiled Female Stranger. In 1816, a young woman who had fallen ill was brought ashore from a ship at Alexandria’s port and her husband never removed the thick veil she wore to conceal her identity. They moved into Room 8 at Gadsby’s Tavern and her husband swore the doctor and nurses to secrecy. After two months, she died in his arms on October 14, and he himself prepared and buried her body in a cemetery at the edge of Old Town. The identity of this veiled “Female Stranger” remains a mystery to this day.

This is the first production-scale beer to be developed by Port City Brewers Josh Center and Adam Reza, under supervision of Head Brewer Jonathan Reeves.

Original Gravity:
16.2 plato

Final Gravity:
2.5 plato


To-Go Beer
KEG $185
SIX-PACK $11.75
CASE $47