The Lager Series

Limited Release Beers

In 2020, Port City will release a new lager approximately every 4-8 weeks. The series draws upon lager brewing traditions from Germany and beyond to create clean yet complex beers with a wide range of flavors.


These limited release beers are draft only.



ABV: 4.9%

This German-Style Black Lager Schwarzbier, literally translating to black beer in German,  is drier and darker than a Munich dunkel. Dark brown and almost black in color Port City’s Schwarzbier, deftly marries a bitterness-free roastiness with a light, crisp lager body.

Golden Export Lager


ABV: 5.8%

Based on the blonde export lagers invented in late-19th century Germany, our Golden Export Lager balances a subtly sweet, toasty malt character with spicy, floral hops. Slightly stronger than the related Helles and Pilsner styles, Golden Export still aims to refresh.

Mexican Dark Lager


ABV: 5.0%

Drawing inspiration from the brown and amber Oscura lagers of Mexico and designed to refresh in the warmer seasons, this Mexican-style dark lager is a brilliant tawny chestnut with nutty, toasted malt flavors.

Franconian Kellerbier


ABV: 5.0%

For our rendition of this Southern German unfiltered, hop-forward lager, Port City used European malt varieties to create a medium-bodied, amber base upon which to layer spicy, herbal Spalt hop character.

Derecho Lager®


ABV: 4.8%

Derecho Lager® is named after a violent storm which barreled through the DC Metro region on June 29th, 2012, leaving the brewery without power.  Unable to control fermentation temperatures, we experimented with non-traditional techniques and the result was the creation of our first American Lager!

German Pilsner


ABV: 4.6%

This refreshing pilsner is served in the “Keller” style, meaning unfiltered and naturally carbonated.  Brewed with pilsner malt and Noble hops, German Pilsner has a floral and spicy aroma with flavors of lightly sweet malt, finishing firm and dry on the palate.  2019 Gold Medal GABF® in the Kellerbier/Zwickelbier category.

Rauch Märzen


ABV: 5.5%

Rauch Märzen is a traditional Bamberg-style smoked Märzen lager brewed with all Bavarian malt and hops. Brilliant copper in color, this beer showcases toasty German malt character, including traditional beechwood-smoked malts that impart an appetizing, savory smokiness.

Tmavé Pivo


ABV: 4.5%

Port City’s example of a Tmave Pivo is brewed with all Czech ingredients, lagered for six weeks, and served unfiltered. The malt was grown in Bohemia and is floor malted. The hops are the famous “Zatec” or Saaz hops which we also use in our Bohemian style Pilsner, Downright. The style should be defined by a confluence of roastiness, spicy aromatic hoppiness and a slight caramel sweetness.



ABV: 5.0%

Dunkel is a German word for dark, referring to a light-bodied dark lagers from Bavaria, especially around Munich. Port City’s Dunkel is deep copper in color with toasty malt notes of toffee and caramel, kept in balance by a crisp and refreshing finish.

Baltic Porter


ABV: 8.0%

Born when English workers, called porters, met the Baltic region’s lager tradition in the early 19th century. Baltic Porters are brewed with lager yeast, dark in color and strong in alcohol. Port City’s Baltic Porter is lagered for 7 weeks, leading to a clean taste with malt notes of cocoa, coffee, nuts, and chocolate.