Anniversary Collection

Imperial Stout with depth and zest

ABV: 9.5%

Our anniversary is in the middle of winter; the darkest, coldest days in the Mid Atlantic. To celebrate our first anniversary, we brewed a very special, strong dark ale to warm us against the cold.

Imperial Stout is an extra strong version of stout, which originally was brewed by the British to withstand the rigors of export. We used the West Malle Trappist yeast to give it a Belgian character. The beer shows aromas of bakers chocolate and dried fruits. It is rich, dark and strong, with flavors of espresso and dark swiss chocolate, spice and a touch of orange zest.

The beer is very limited: we brewed only ONE batch, on ONE day, to celebrate a very special milestone for our craft brewery.

Original Gravity:
22.0 plato

Final Gravity:
5.0 plato


Awards & Press

    Brightest Young Things ““This is what happens when you’re growing at 60% a year,” Butcher says. “We’re over four years into this thing, and we still feel like we’re working[...]

  • 2013 Great American Beer Festival | Bronze
    2013 Great American Beer Festival | Bronze

    Our Colossal One, a dark Imperial Stout brewed only once a year, secured a bronze medal at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival.[...]