Brewing the Good Stuff

Although each of our craft beers is distinctive and different from each other, they all share some common traits. All are made from the highest quality ingredients available and are a celebration of their raw materials. All are delicious, easy to drink, well balanced and enhance a meal or drink well on their own. All possess a complexity of flavor that hold the drinker’s interest and invite another sip.


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Optimal® Wit

Belgian Style White Ale

ABV: 4.9% | IBU: 15

Enjoy summer year round with our refreshing take on the Belgian Wit beer. Crisp and refreshing, Optimal Wit tastes like Sunshine and Happiness!

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Downright® Pilsner

Bohemian Style Pilsner

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 43

Downright Pilsner is our take on a traditional Bohemian style Pilsner. This perfectly refreshing lager will delight all year long! Downright is done right.

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Essential Pale Ale®

American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 35

Essential Pale Ale is a great example of a true American Pale Ale. It has intense fruity hop aroma of peaches and apricots, and is refreshingly crisp with a clean finish.

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Monumental® IPA

India Pale Ale

ABV: 6.3% | IBU: 57

DC is known as the City of Monuments, and our Monumental IPA is a fitting tribute. Monumental IPA is distinctive for its complex aromas and flavors, and it strikes a perfect balance between hoppy bitterness and malty sweetness.

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Port City Porter

Robust Porter

ABV: 7.2% | IBU: 45

Smooth and silky, our flagship Porter is sure to wrap you up in its complexity and invite you back again and again for another taste of its robust flavors.

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Integral® IPA

India Pale Ale

ABV: 7.0% | IBU: 60

Breathe deep: Integral IPA is all about big, complex aromas, coaxed from some of your favorite new school American hops. A refined, dry body serves as the golden-hued canvas for layers of hop character – think overripe pineapple, guava, and melon. You can thank HOPZOOKA and hop-bursting for that.

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Ways & Means®

Session Rye IPA

ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 55

Ways & Means is a session IPA brewed with rye that is complex and hoppy, brewed with generous amounts of rye to give it a spicy, peppery character.

A Tasting Room Exclusive

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Double India Pale Ale

ABV: 8.5% | IBU: 85

Port City Brewing Company is hopped-up and pleased to present our first double IPA, devised with hop maniacs in mind. This brew is all about the hops!

Available Mid-January − Mid-February

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Metro Red®

Double Red Ale

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 60

This Double Red Ale was brewed originally for DC BEER WEEK 2015, it is back by popular demand. Its herbal and citrus hop flavor is balanced by malty character. The beer pours a clear reddish-copper color and shows prominent notes of caramel, roast and a fruitiness from the malt.

Available March − April

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Tartan® Ale

Scottish Ale

ABV: 5.0% | IBU: 24

A traditionally malty brew, our spring seasonal has a deep, copper color with fruity accents and a delectable roast caramel malt flavor.

Available April − May

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Derecho Common®

California Common Beer

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 43

This is our summer beer, released each year on the date of the infamous DC derecho storm of 2012.

Available June − July

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Märzen Style Lager

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 24

Our traditional Märzen style lager is perfect for welcoming in the fall season. Enjoy with football, a brat or two, and it’ll have you saying “Prost!” like a genuine Bavarian!

Available August − Mid-October

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Long Black Veil

Black IPA

ABV: 6.8% | IBU: 65

Long Black Veil a dark beer with a lot of (hop) character. Centennial and Magnum hops contribute citrus and floral aromas and an aggressive hop flavor.

Available the Month of October

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Tidings® Ale

Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

ABV: 7.8% | IBU: 25

The holiday season is filled with celebrations, mirth, and your loved ones. Share Tidings with friends and family!

Available November − Mid-January

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Anniversary Series



Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.5% | IBU: 65

We brewed COLOSSAL ONE to celebrate our first anniversary and warm us against the cold of the Mid-Atlantic winter. This beer was a perfect fit for an important milestone. It is now an Occasional brew.

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Strong Smokey Porter

ABV: 9.0% | IBU: 50

As our anniversary falls in the middle of winter, the darkest, coldest days in the Mid Atlantic, we have brewed a strong, dark ale to warm us against the cold.

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Heller Bock

ABV: 8.5% | IBU: 27

COLOSSAL THREE is our Heller Bock, a beautiful tawny-hued result of choice hops and malts aged at 32 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 weeks. Enjoy the winter’s cold with a one in hand.

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Belgian-Style Quad

ABV: 9.5% | IBU: 32

The Fourth in the COLOSSAL Anniversary series is a Belgian-Style Quad. It’s dark caramel in color and rich in flavor without being overwhelmingly sweet or bitter.

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English-Style Old Ale

ABV: 9.8% | IBU: 55

A dark ale built to age. It has a deep mahogany color with ruby highlights. This ale is malt forward with aromas of dried fruit, toffee, and plum pudding.

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Port City Brewing Co. Colossal Six


Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.2% | IBU: 65

Inky black with a tan cap, Port City’s 6th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout bursts with notes of cocoa powder, freshly roasted coffee, and leather.

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Scotch Ale

ABV: 8% | IBU: 25

To celebrate seven years of brewing, we’ve crafted a Scotch ale with a full body and rich copper color. Plumb its malty depths and you’ll find notes of raisin bread and chewy caramels complemented by a subtle roastiness.

Available Early February − Mid-March

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Draft Only Limited Release Beers

 In 2018, Port City will release a new lager every month and a half. The series draws upon lager brewing traditions from Germany and beyond to create clean yet complex beers with a wide range of flavors.